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What Tools Do You Need For A TA Strategy?

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What Tools Do You Need For A TA Strategy?

A successful TA strategy has to include the right tools:  In this article, we will discuss which tools are essential for an effective and successful TA Strategy.

An ATS System

Without an ATS, your recruiters can't be efficient unless you have a HUGE team!  It takes a recruiter around 6 seconds to skim a resume.  If you multiply that by the number of candidates you have in your talent pool, it becomes more work than one team can handle by themselves.  However, an ATS system can help automate some of these tasks, making the workload more manageable.

Job Descriptions

Your job descriptions need to be attention-grabbing.  Otherwise, how do you expect to stand out from the crowd?  Everyone is hiring right now, so you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the employers with an attractive job description.  

Include these items in the job description to set yourself apart:

  • salary
  • specific job duties
  • company culture
  • specific expectations
  • qualifications

Keep job descriptions short, sweet, and to the point because, in all honesty, no one will read through 3 pages of a job description.

Mobile Devices

In today's world, mobile devices rule.  Your website and application have to be optimized for mobile devices.  Mobile devices do not just have to be cell phones but also include tablets and other smart devices.

Lead Capturing

Capturing candidates' information through forms, landing pages, emails, website visits, ad clicks, etc., can be an excellent tool for building your candidate pool.  Take an interest in your ideal candidate and learn where they spend time and how to contact them.  Do they respond to direct messages or emails better?  Do they spend time on social media?  Are they likely to click on links in comments, posts, or bio sections on social media?  Learn where their habits are and fill in the gaps with your marketing efforts.


LinkedIn is an excellent tool for sourcing.  However, it should not be the only tool used for sourcing.  The majority of prospective candidates do not use LinkedIn actively, so you need to research to see where your prospects spend their time!

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