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Training and Development Strategies

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Training and Development Strategies

 In 2022, HR professionals will need to identify new solutions for training that can keep up with the ever-changing economy.  Rapid upskilling and reskilling are quickly becoming the new normal in the current economy.

What makes a practical training and development strategy?

A practical training and development strategy must consider rapidly changing technical and long-term transferable skills.  

Technical Skills

Technical skills do not require as much time as transferable skills because they have a short life in the ever-changing workplace.  Technical training is easier to update to match your needs if it is incorporated into your workflow.  It is a more flexible approach that gives your workforce an edge that other companies don't offer.  

Keeping up with the technology trends in your industry can also help you better equip your team with the necessary skills they need for success.  Do your research and make sure your team is equipped with up-to-date technology skills. 

Transferable Skills

Transferable skills have a longer life than technical skills.  Transferable skills are also a cumulative type of skill because you can build them onto similar skills.  Soft skills such as emotional and social intelligence, communication, and critical thinking are all part of transferable skills.  These skills are essential for employees in leadership roles.  Leaders need to be able to keep projects on track by supporting the employees and removing roadblocks.  Therefore, leaders require abundant transferable skills, such as good communication, empathy, and awareness.

Using AI in HR can be extremely useful when predicting skills gaps and helping employees see a path forward for training and development.

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