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Seasonal Employees - What to Look for in the Tennessee Job Market

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Seasonal Employees - What to Look for in the Tennessee Job Market

Tis the Season for holiday employees.  What's the scoop in middle TN for the job market?  The Nashville Ledger published a series of articles, and Chris Nichols of endevis RPO was interviewed to provide some insights from his valued perspective in the hiring industry.

Gig Culture vs. Temp Work

Picking up a second job from mid-November through early January? What’s the better deal, working at a department store or driving for Lyft or Uber? Chris Nichols from endevis RPO weighs in for an article for the Nashville Ledger.

It depends on when you want to work, what you want to do, and what you want to get out of it. Delivery services create a flexible and a lucrative option to supplement household income. Typically, seasonal job seekers inquire about retail jobs to snag a competitive hourly wage as well as merchandise discounts to stretch their holiday gift budget.

"It is wise to think about all the factors, not just hours and wages," adds Chris Nichols.

“The great thing about the Ubers and GrubHubs of the world is that you come and go as you please,” he says. “You control that income. If you are at a department store or warehouse, you have a more controlled schedule.

“If you’re a retiree or someone with some flexibility, that can be OK. If you have kids and need to factor in childcare, then those jobs may not be a good fit unless you have some help locked down for the times you are out earning that extra income.”

Midstate TN Employers Are on the Hunt

If you are looking for a seasonal holiday job in middle Tennessee, you've chosen the right location.  Companies are offering sweet deals, perks, and permanent gigs.

As a potential employee, be sure to look at any signing bonus or other incentive and make sure it’s worth whatever trade-offs you might be making, points out Chris Nichols.

“There may be a sexy figure out there, but read the fine print,” Nichols warns.

“It may pay out over six months or have some other obligation that has to be met. And sometimes places offering those bonuses have a lower starting wage, or another potential negative that could affect you.

“Something else may be out there that offers a better wage or a better work-life balance, so look at every offer carefully.”

Interested in reading more, or learning other perspectives about this topic?  Read the full article in the Nashville Ledger here.


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