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Lee Gibson - Back to endevis

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Lee Gibson - Back to endevis

endevis- a nationally awarded recruiting firm, is proud to announce the return of Lee Gibson to their RPO Leadership team.  Previously, Lee led the research, innovation, and technology functions within RPO. During this time Lee created organizational efficiencies by establishing an India-based sourcing team, revitalizing the existing RPO technology, and sourcing leading-edge tools to enhance the RPO tech stack. We welcome Lee back to our organization to lead an engagement with First Solar, a leading American solar technology company and global provider of responsibly produced eco-efficient solar modules, as they prepare to expand their presence in Lake Township, Ohio by adding a 1.8 million square foot facility and approximately 500 jobs.  



Before joining the RPO Leadership team at endevis, Lee was a Senior Recruiter with the company – supporting our engagement with First Solar on their previous expansion announced in 2018. Lee has over a decade of RPO experience and holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree with continuing research related to decision-making among HR professionals. Not only did Lee prove his leadership skills, but he also showed outstanding character traits while working with First Solar in 2018.  He is dependable, timely, and honest.  All of which are great characteristics of a leader.  This is why Lee was the perfect candidate for this position. He has proven to be an asset to endevis, and we are excited to have him back. 

In addition to workplace achievements, Lee has obtained SPHR, Six Sigma Black Belt, and AIRS certifications.  In his spare time, he enjoys stand-up comedy, meditation, and travel.  Lee succeeds at anything he sets his mind to, and we can't wait to see what he does in the future.  


endevis is a full-service recruitment firm specializing in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing & supply chain, technology, and accounting & finance. With solutions to fit every hiring challenge, endevis meets client needs from across the United States with physical locations in Toledo, OH, Cleveland, OH, Nashville, TN, & Jersey City, NJ as well as countless virtual employees across the country.

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