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How has RPO evolved?

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How has RPO evolved?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is constantly changing and evolving to fit the needs of the customer.  Customer expectations have drastically changed in the past few years.  The majority of customers prefer a self-serve option before reaching out to an agent and expect companies to respond in real time.

Now, in the job market, there is a very high demand for skilled roles.  The talent supply gap is getting worse in the U.S. for both entry level roles and highly skilled roles.  This is where RPO can help companies fill these roles with qualified candidates.  The way that RPO helps has changed in the past years and can be summed up in 4 categories.

1. The Basics

  • main focus
    • cost
    • speed
    • efficiency
    • quality of hire
  • functions
    • sourcing
    • screening
    • applicant tracking
  • technology
    • ATS

2. Adding A Little More

  • main focus (in addition to previous)
    • agility
    • scalability
    • flexibility 
    • access to scarce talent
    • improved employer brand 
    • reduced early-stage attrition
  • functions (in addition to previous)
    • employer branding
    • talent communities
    • basic analytics
  • technology
    • ATS, CRM, and some selective ad on tools work together

3. Almost There

  • main focus (in addition to previous)
    • superior candidate experience
      • in this stage, candidate experience becomes a priority
    • quality of hire that is based on the employee's performance
    • competitive advantage
  • functions (in addition to previous)
    • advanced analytics
    • workforce planning
    • demand management 
    • on-boarding
  • technology (in addition to previous)
    • automation

4. Present Day RPO

  • main focuses (in addition to previous)
    • significant agility, scalability, and flexibility
    • lower risk
    • more efficient
    • active contributions to business outcomes
    • stakeholder experience is a priority 

The present form of RPO is really focused on making the experience for everyone involved as efficient as possible.  Utilizing new technology, such as, automation, allows for the process to flow easier and allows for increased response times.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion also plays a huge part in this form of RPO.  Additionally, talent is becoming more and more dispersed from the main hubs.  This means that removing geographical limitations, such as remote work, will allow for companies to have a larger pool of talent to choose from.

As you can see, the world of talent management is constantly changing.  We have to evolve with it.  At endevis, we are dedicated to utilizing the most efficient methods for not only RPO, but for other recruitment solutions as well, such as Professional Contract Staffing and Professional Direct Placement.

endevis has evolved into a national talent & workforce solutions provider with offices throughout the nation. With a focus on healthcare, engineering, and IT staffing, the organization has won a handful of awards across its Professional Direct Placement, Professional Contract Staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions. For more information, please email

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