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Engaging the Workforce

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Engaging the Workforce

Workforce engagement has been a concern for many HR professionals for many years.  How do leaders ensure that their workforce is engaged with their work?  The answer is simple- Open and honest communication!

Importance of Communication 

During the early parts of the pandemic, the workforce engagement levels were pretty high across the board.  This is because companies had open communications with their employees.  However, as people return to the office, the increased engagement levels have been hard to retain.  HR leaders need to make sure that communication is still happening between the company and the employee in order to address concerns and challenges.

Addressing concerns and challenges head-on through company-wide or one-on-one meetings allows employees to see what role they play in the organization, which gives their position a purpose within the company.  The company's mission, vision, and values must be communicated to the employees, so they can embody what it means to be a "fill in the blank company" employee.  Connecting daily work to the business strategy helps employees feel more invested and engaged in their work.

How do you begin these conversations?  

Begin these conversations by asking employees their concerns, if they have challenges, or if they have questions about the company or their role.  You can do this through surveys or one-on-one meetings.  

The next step is to address these concerns and offer solutions.  Companies can do this through individual/ small group or company-wide meetings (depending on the situation).  Company-wide meetings are a great way to connect with employees and update them on what is currently happening within the company and how they are directly impacting the company.  Employee recognition is a huge part of company-wide meetings that build employee engagement.  

In brief, companies must establish a regular pattern of open and honest communication with their employees.  This communication will help employee engagement levels continue to rise, bringing the company together as a team.

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