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Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity continues to be a hot topic among HR professionals in 2022.  Many organizations are struggling to build DEI goals into their strategic plans.  Building a DEI strategy will be critical in attracting and retaining talent and creating a positive attitude toward your employer's brand.  By adding diversity initiatives, your employees will have a sense of belonging. 

How do you start adding DEI initiatives?

Start evaluating the state of Diversity and Inclusion in your business.  After you have identified the state of diversity in your business, you need to set clear goals for where you want to be.  By selecting these goals, you will be able to track your progress. 

As you progress towards your goals, assign key results and clear ownership for each objective you set.  This will allow you to accomplish your DEI goals efficiently.  

The final step is to put resources against each objective so the owners of the objectives can deliver the results HR leaders will need to see.  

Again, open communication is the key to measuring your success.  Ask employees along the way if they feel good about your company's direction, feel they have a sense of belonging within your organization and feel like they have a voice within the company.

In brief, adding Diversity and Inclusion efforts will boost your talent acquisition efforts.  It will help you create a culture that employees are happy about and help attract and retain candidates.

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