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Attributes of a Successful RPO

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Attributes of a Successful RPO

A Successful RPO relies on four elements:

  1. Leadership Team, Human Resources and Hiring Managers
  2. Marketing
  3. Information Technology
  4. Building the Foundation of Trust

Leadership Team, HR, and Hiring Managers

The Leadership Team, Human Resources, and Hiring Managers play an important part in a successful RPO because they provide the commitment needed to see the campaign through.  The have a commitment to communicate to each other, the candidate, and the client.  There is a commitment by Hiring Managers and Human Resources to play an active role in the overall solution.  These members of the RPO team are committed to the process and always are open to learning new ideas, concepts, and technology to push toward applicant satisfaction. 

They understand your goals and the importance of hiring great people to help meet these goals.  Because they understand the importance of your goals, they work together to set metrics and timing milestones.  Members of this group not only attend meetings, but they engage with the meeting in order to provide feedback.

Meeting schedules for this group in the RPO team should be as follows:

  • Weekly Meetings
    • Hiring Managers and Human Resources
  • Monthly Meetings
    • Human Resources and Vice Presidents
  • Quarterly Business Review
    • Senior leaders in Human Resources and Operations


The marketing team provides information related to the overall brand and employment brand.  They provide brand guidelines to ensure all communication and information meets the client's standard.  Additionally, insight into current social media strategies and tools is provided.  The Marketing team works with the RPO to optimize the strategies and tools to optimize outcomes.  They provide budgets for area of brand and employment marketing, which may impact the current situation.  A direct contact/ liaison with the marketing team is crucial to a successful RPO.

Information Technology

The IT team provides access to systems needed in the process to attract and hire great people.  They communicate the client's thoughts on requests so a partnered relationship is established, and then, they inform RPO of the process for issues, such as a ticketing system.  A direct contact or liaison is a vital part of a successful RPO.

Building the Foundation of Trust

Building a foundation of trust is arguably the most important attribute of a successful RPO.  Trust is a two way street between the RPO company and the client.  Both organizations have to have great people working to ensure the best talent becomes connected to the client.  Everyone must be working for the same outcome.  If this happens, then everything will fall into place.

In brief, there are four essential aspects of a successful RPO.  At endevis, this practice is part of our RPO process. We pride ourselves on our outstanding leadership team, marketing team, IT team, and our trustworthy reputation. Without these four elements, we believe that it would be difficult to be successful in your RPO ventures.


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