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How Do I Improve My Candidate Experience?

Nowadays, candidate experience is everything. From the first phone call to onboarding, a positive candidate experience can be the differentiating fact...

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Interview Tips and Tricks

Are you dreading the job interview process because you are worried about what to do or say??? With the new year coming up, you might be ready for a ca...

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Does the New Year Mean A New Job?

The new year often means new beginnings. Lists of resolutions have started to make an appearance. As you think about your new year resolutions, do the...

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5 New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Job Search

Are you looking for a new job in 2022? Here are some new year resolutions that you can make to help you refocus your job search.

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How endevis Saved Christmas

The Problem It was December 1st, twenty-four days before Christmas, and Santa was scrambling to get all the toys built on time. His upcoming deadline ...

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The Future of Recruiting

The way we recruit is constantly changing with new technology introduced every year. What does the future look like for recruiting?

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How to Leverage Technology to Boost Diversity Recruitment Methods

By hiring more people from diverse backgrounds, a company becomes more multicultural, and benefits from well-trained and experienced additions. Indeed...

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What to Expect When Hiring Gen Z

Are the myths about Gen Z true? Are they the laziest generation yet, or are they the hardest working? Will they be ok with a 9-5, or will they demand ...

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The History of RPO And What the Future Holds

According to an article written by Job.com's President of Talent Solutions, Steve O'Brien, the RPO industry is heading in a very revolutionary directi...

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Recruitment & Retention Strategies for Diversity in Nursing

If 2020 taught us anything, in today’s shifting workforce as well as being seen as a minority, inclusion practices that listen to the pain points of t...

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Americans Continuing to Quit Jobs Impacts the Labor Market

We continue to see help wanted signs everywhere as Americans continue to quit their job post-pandemic. These levels are above average and are affectin...

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How HR is Affected in the Recruitment Process

The Recruiter's Role So what does a recruiter do? How are they different from HR?

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